7th Jan 2015:
New amped servers
Skype API updated
8th Jan 2015:
Rotation system improved
9th Jan 2015:
Skype Image Grabber Added
IP 2 Skype API updated

10th Jan 2015:
IP to google maps added (geolocation)
NMAP Quick Scan added

Short FAQ
How do i gain access to the website?
Register and head over to our purchase page to view our packages!

Are there guides?
Yes, video and text.

Are services kept updated and refreshed?
Yes DB ensure power is kept up and our resolvers work.
We are adding new serverside attack methods as they come available.

Can i pay with bitcoin?
DB accept all payment methods including crypto-currency

Can i have multiple attacks?
No we limit our attacks to one per account.
However you are able to have multiple accounts.

Will i get access to all features of the website by purchasing a package?



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